Batman v Superman: Half hit half miss


Title: Batman v Superman: Dawn of justice

Director: Zack Snyder

Writers: Chris Terrio et al.

Genre: Action/superhero

My review: Now I am always one of the first to admit that I love a good superhero movie, however as the title suggests the first half of this instalment was more than a let down. The switches between the worlds of Superman and Batman just did not mesh as much as one would like and left me feeling like I was trying to follow two completely separate movies. The numerous flash backs/ dream sequences did not help. Making the plot line hard to follow and often confusing. Lastly having a completely new actor (Ben Affleck) coming in to play such an iconic role without his own solo movie first didn’t help the first half of this movie.

On a more positive note the second half of the movie improved my overall opinion dramatically. From the crazy, dramatic and over the top battle scenes to the beginnings of the Justice League. This part of the movie had me feeling like I was finally seeing what I came to see. The insanely awesome acting of Jesse Eisenberg and Gal Gadot was also a great highlight. Eisenberg played the psychotic evil genius that is Lex Luthor perfectly and Gadot was total badass beauty as Wonder Woman. All this accompanied with the dramatic and suspenseful ending has me waiting for the next instalment in this franchise.

Conclusion: Although the first half of the movie really was a let down, the second half really makes up for it. If you’re a fan of superhero movies and great battle scenes then I would give this one a go. If however you’re not really into that, find plots hard to follow and cant sit still for near on 2.5hours, then maybe give this one a miss or wait for the DVD.