Discussion: Where are all the Aussie bloggers?

Hi guy’s! I hope you all are doing well and that your current reads etc. are not treating you too badly. So it’s entirely possible heaps of you have read the title of this post and are thinking what the hell does she mean? Where are the Aussie bloggers? They are over here! I follow heaps of them.

However I was going through the list of blogs I follow the other day. You know catching up on missed posts, unfollowing those that no longer speak to me or are no longer of interest. And during this I noticed that out of the approximately 150 blogs that I follow barley any of them are fellow Australian bloggers.  Almost all of the blogs I follow are from the UK or USA. Now before anyone gets there knickers in a twist or thinks I am trying to say this is a bad thing. I am not. I love the blogs I follow and the ones that interact with me regularly, I have come to know as great, supportive, talented people.

But this got me thinking is it just that there are many more book, TV and or Movie blogs from the USA and UK, hence why most of the blogs I follow are from there? Or could it be that somehow Aussie blogs don’t have as big a reach? Does it have to do with the major time differences and therefore posting schedule causing them to not come up in searches? Or is it simply just in my case I have been unlucky and not stumbled across the many that I am sure are out there?

After having all of these thoughts I then wondered if maybe it’s not just me? As majority of my followers also seemed to be from the UK and USA. Is it possible that Aussie bloggers are just having trouble finding other Aussie bloggers to communicate with? This lead me to wonder if other people find that majority of their followers and the people they themselves follow are not from the same country as them? Are you from a country outside of Australia and do you find that most of your followers/ people you follow do not come from that country?

What was just an observation has turned into this big rambley thought process of a post. And I worry I have come across as some paranoid conspiracy theorist. I hope this isn’t the case and that I have expressed myself somewhat clearly enough for a discussion. But I guess we will see!Let's Chat!

Do you find this pattern in your blogging world to? Where are you from and where do most of your followers/ people you follow tend to come from? Do you follow any amazing Aussie bloggers? Tag them down below so I can show a little Aussie love and diversify my feed. Happy reading and watching, 


21 thoughts on “Discussion: Where are all the Aussie bloggers?

  1. I’m from Canada, and I noticed a lot of the people I follow / who follow me are from the UK or USA as well, with a few Australian and Canadian bloggers in there too but not as many! I’ve wondered about this exact thing before. I’m positive there are a lot more out there, but I’m honestly not sure where to find them. Totally get what you mean though, it’s cool to interact with people outside of your country and where they’re from doesn’t affect how you feel about their content, but it’s also nice to connect with people who share the same interests right at home!

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    • I am glad that I am not the only one that has noticed or wondered about this! I am also really glad to hear that you get what I mean and haven’t taken it in the wrong way. I love all the blogs I follow no matter where they are based I just wonder where all the others from home are as there has to be more then the couple I am following! Thank you for your thoughts!

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  2. I’m from the UK, and most blogs i follow are UK or US, with a few from France, Belgium or Netherlands. I’m pretty sure some of them are from other places, but the majority comes from these countries i mentioned.

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  3. The funny thing is that when I started blogging, I discovered Paper Fury and then a lot of the other blogs came through her. So I ended up making my way into the blogging world by first following A LOT of Aussie and some Kiwi bloggers 😃 it’s odd because I’m from a tiny country in Europe!

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  5. I’m also an aussie but yes, i absolutely find that most of my peeps are elsewhere around the globe. Just searched for the tag aussie because I realised that I’m just desperate to find people in australia who are also blogging atm. Found you! Yay!

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