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The Sims TagHello Lovely People! I hope you are all doing well and that your current books, movies and TV shows are not wreaking havoc on your emotions too much! Today I bring you a fun tag. The Sims tag encase you missed the title of this post as well as the big graphic above.

This Tag was originally created by the Youtuber Hailey form Hailey in Bookland and I was tagged by the amazing Sophie form Blame Chocolate. Definitely go check out her blog if you somehow haven’t already! Her reviews are awesome and I love all the chocolate themed graphics when they’re not making me hungry haha! So without further ado let’s press play and get on with this great tag. divider 1

The Original Sims: The best author debut


I think there are sooo many great author debut books out there I mean really a lot of them are the book that started it all. However for today’s tag I decided to throw some recognition at Valentine by Jodi McAlister. I devoured this book when it came out and have since read number two in the series. The book is set in Australia and by an Aussie author so a little home country love here too.

The Grim Reaper: The saddest character death


I am the type of person that gets very emotionally invested in characters whether it be in books, movies or TV shows. So I have been absolutely wrecked by many a character death. One of which that gets me every time, book or movie is that one in Me before you by Jojo Moyes. 😥

Sims getting stuck: A character that got in the way


I am looking at you Jack Randal! You bloody bastard. I hate his character and how he’s always getting in the way in the most awful of ways. 😦

Simlish: A book with amazing writing


There are many books out there that I think have amazing writing. But I just love Six of Crows by Leigh Bardugo. The story line, the characters the way everything all comes together. It’s Amazing!

Expansion packs: A series where the books just keep getting better


I will admit that I am actual Sarah J Maas trash. I just love the characters she creates. And this question could have worked for both TOG and ACOTAR but I have saved ACOTAR for a later question hehe. Anyways….. This series keeps getting better and better for me especially with the introduction of Manon and Rowan.

Cheats: A book that’s completely unrealistic


I read like mainly fantasy so basically every book I read could be considered completely unrealistic …. A sixteen year old girl finds herself with basically no parental figures thrown into a life of magic, the paranormal and fighting demons …. right completely normal everyday stuff hahaha. But I sometimes read to escape so I am completely fine with unrealistic.

Needs fulfilment: A character who makes all the wrong decisions


So many characters make some questionable, bordering on stupid decisions in this series. I can’t even tell you how annoyed I was at some points. However at least when they get their act together sometimes some crazy stuff happens.

Error code 12: A series that starts off great but goes down hill from there


I did overall enjoy this entire series. However firstly I don’t think any of the secondary books came close to what I felt about the first one. Secondly I tended to dislike when the narrator of this book was away from her friends and that seemed to happen more often in the later books.

Sims vortex: A book or series that completely engrossed you


This book! This series! From the first read to every reread since has engrossed me. I love it so damn much. ❤

I Tag: Anyone who has ever loved the Sims or anyone who’s just been on the lookout for a quick fun tag to do!

P.S. Most of the photos I used from today’s post are from my bookstagram if you’re on there too come say hi, I would love more people to chat with 🙂 @paperbackandflickchick

Let's Chat!

What was your favourite Sims game/ expansion? Do you agree with any of my answers? Let me know below! Happy reading & Watching. 


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