Review: Queens of Geek, by Jen Wilde


Title: Queens of Geek
Author: Jen Wilde
Publication Date: 26/4/2017
Publisher: Swoon reads, Pan Macmillan Australia
Genre: Contemporary
Rating: 5/5

So I will be breaking this review up into two sections the first half I endeavour to keep mostly spoiler free and the second half which is highly likely to contain spoilers while I fangirl hard about this book.


Queens of Geek is the debut novel of Australian Author Jen Wild. It is a young adult contemporary novel based in California USA about three Australian high school students. Much as the cover of the book entails this story is that of three friends who go on an adventure to a convention much like Comic Con and two romances that arise from this. This is a quick fun read which also manages to be emotional, relatable and broch many issues and topics. This book represents the LGBTIQ+ community with multiple characters of different sexual orientation being represented. Jen also broches the topic of mental illness in the form of sever anxiety as well as writing characters that are a part of the Autism spectrum which I myself have seen very little of.


Jen also manages to cover and display so many issues and topics in this one story that is only set over a couple of days. She covers as mentioned above an example of what it is like to live and deal with mental illness and overcoming some of your greatest struggles and fears. Bullying, body shaming, and poisonous relationships are all themes/ issues I picked up on being represented or is what I interpreted some of the events in the book to represent. This story also covers finding love and trying to navigate the world all while finding who you are. Last but not least this is a story that finally represents almost solely the Geeks/Fangirls/Fanboys/Nerds of the world and the truly amazing bond that is friendship.


Given the diversity in this book and the amount of people/issues/themes represented I really feel this is a book that almost everyone can find a little bit of themselves in and relate to. I know I sure did on multiple levels! This coupled with great writing and a storyline that still managed to be funny, romantic and moving is why I would recommend this book to anyone and have given it a 5/5 rating. Everyone do yourself a favour if you haven’t already, go and pick up this amazing fresh and diverse read and put it at the top of your TBR you won’t regret it.


End of Spoiler free review don’t continue if you haven’t read the book and don’t want to be spoiled!!! All others please venture forward and fangirl with me over this great read!

Ok firstly thank you thank you thank you Jen Wilde for writing a book so inclusive and representative of many different groups and types of people who don’t normally get much representation! You guys she had me right from that dedication. Like yes!! This book is for me and my people and I will be forever happy for seeing this book on Bookstagram and making myself put down the fantasy books and pick up This YA contemporary.


Firstly can we talk about how I want to go to San Diego Comic Con one day so badly and this book gave me all of those vibes hardcore!! Take me there now please! Charlie, Jamie and Taylor got to live the dream! Speaking of the Trio can I just say how damn cute their friendship is and I love how close and supportive of each other they all are despite being their own individuals dealing with their own issues and two of them being in love with each other for like ever! I need friendship like this in my life!


Delving a bit deeper, I really related to this book and characters on a personal level. Specifically Taylor, let me tell you more books need characters like Taylor. Taylor is one of the only lead characters of a novel that I have read who openly has Anxiety and is on the Autism spectrum. The way Taylor’s social anxiety, overthinking and worry was displayed really struck a chord with me as I often display a lot of these attributes myself. While my anxious feelings, tendency to overthink and worry are not on the same level as Taylors. It was great to see this type of thing represented so thoroughly in a book and really show that I am not alone and these things don’t make you a shit person and don’t have to rule your life. And while I am not on the Autism spectrum myself, I have family that is, so it was great again to see this represented and explained a little. All of these topics are things that I think should be represented more in YA and fiction in general as long as done properly with care. As I think it is great to see more personally relatable characters for all kinds of people as well as allowing other people to learn more about these themes. This book represents so many different people and characteristics so well and to me respectfully and beautifully. I am under the impression that this novel is somewhat of an own voices novel which to me is not only incredibly brave but what may have allowed Wilde to represent certain attributes so well in her characters. Please do let me know if I am incorrect in this as either way I think she has done an incredible job and produced an amazing story.


Once again like I mentioned above this book is definitely worth 5 stars and more. Even if you are not really into contemporary or YA reads I would recommend you give this book a try! Jen has written a beautiful, compelling and love filled story and produced such filled out diverse characters. I guarantee that you are likely to find at least one thing in one of the characters that you can relate to. So long story short stop whatever you are doing and go out and get this book!


Have you read this book? what were your thoughts? let me know in the comments below! untill next time happy reading.


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